A-Z Alphabet Animal Craft eBook + 30 Printable Templates Included

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Thank you for all the love! This ebook is now ready!

I have compiled the A to Z Alphabet Animal Crafts eBook that's filled with the best of our crafts! 


The 26 animal crafts are compiled in one easy to read A-Z format.

Like all my posts, there are easy step by step instructions with plenty of pictures to help make learning simple. The crafts are included with fun tips, a supply list, suggested alternate materials and a Printable template for each Animal. 

  • A for Alligator
  • B for Beaver
  • C for Cheetah
  • D for Donkey
  • E for Elephant
  • F for Frog
  • G for Giraffe
  • H for Hedgehog
  • I for Iguana
  • J for Jellyfish
  • K for Koala
  • L for Lion
  • M for Monkey
  • N for Numbat
  • O for Owl
  • P for Pig
  • Q for Quail
  • R for Rabbit
  • S for Shark
  • T for Tiger
  • U for Unicorn
  • V for Vulture
  • W for Walrus
  • X for X-ray Fish
  • Y for Yak
  • Z for Zebra

Plus Bonus 4 extra animal crafts only part of the book. 


Each craft uses a discarded CD as the base, so all circular measurements are minimum 4.72 inches (120 millimeters) in diameter. 

We have used Felt, Wool, Pipe cleaners, pom poms and Googly Eyes to make the crafts. 

You could make these with Felt like we did, or substitute it easily with construction paper or even craft foam. To stick the felt onto the CD, we used a hot glue gun. but you could substitute it with white glue at your home or classrooms. 

Each animal craft is handmade and the templates are all hand drawn & then scanned at 300 DPI.

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A-Z Alphabet Animal Craft eBook + 30 Printable Templates Included

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