Farm Theme Printable File Folder Game

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62 pages with printable templates. 

1. Learn about Farms & Farm Animal names using the 2,4,5 piece Puzzle. Put each puzzle together and then place the correct name card on top of it. Plus 10 Vocabulary cards

2. Size Sorting with the Hay Bales

3. Color matching - Match the doors of the barn with the correct barn.

4. Number 1 - 10 Puzzle

5. One 6- part Puzzle for slightly older kids

6. Play-Doh Number Count - Add play-doh apples to the tree as per the number.

7. Prewriting practice for little hands. Use this board to talk about where our produce comes from.

8. Mother & Baby match. Unite the babies with their mums.

9. 8 Farm Animal Sound Cards and 8 Farm Animal Movement Cards for some gross motor fun too.

10. Capital Letter - Pig in a puddle match.

11. Farm Animal Pattern Recognition sheets - one filled & one blank

12. Farm Animal Shape Identification

13. Identify More  or  Less

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62 pages
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Farm Theme Printable File Folder Game

0 ratings
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